Charles House-Yorktown
303 Yorktown Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Charles House-Winmore
121 Della Street
Chapel Hill NC 27516

Charles House Eldercare Homes

Charles House Eldercare Homes are unique and innovative places developed and operated using the precepts of the Household Model in the Culture Change movement in long-term care.  They are truly neighborhood-based homes, existing as part of the neighborhood. 

In March, 2011, Charles House-Yorktown welcomed its first six residents. Charles House-Yorktown is a completely renovated family home that has become a valued part of the Heritage Hills neighborhood in Chapel Hill.

As of September, 2014, the second Eldercare Home - Charles House-Winmore is home to six more residents who are enjoying life in the Charles House style. This house was designed and built specifically for the safety and comfort of the residents.

The enthusiastic and well-trained household staff is entrusted with carrying out the vision of Charles House each day. Essential elements of the Household Model include

  • Resident and family participation in decisionmaking
  • A team approach to caregiving
  • High levels of social and physical engagement for residents
  • A true home - with privacy, dignity, and community as core values
Residents can set their own schedules and levels of participation and are encouraged to be active and contributing members of the household to the best of their abilities.
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