25th Anniversary Campaign
Honorary Leadership Council

Robert Seymour
Linnea Smith
James L. Copeland
Patty M. Hill
Melvin Hurston
Joan Huntley
Lillian Lee
Chad Lefteris
Anthony Linsdey, MD
Carol Lucas
Susan Moeser
Coolie Monroe
John Morris, III

Friends of Charles House Giving Society


Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation
Michael Bradley

In Memory of Rebecca Bradley
In Support of the Bradley Program
in Learning and Service

Residents of Carol Woods
Carolina Meadows
The Residents of Carol Woods
The Custer Family
In Memory of Lorena Custer
Bonnie & David Custer
Michal & Michael Custer
Gary & Sherry Pelton
Patricia Custer Storm
Rebecca & John Trangenstein
Home Health Foundation of Chapel Hill  Endowment Fund of the
  Triangle Community Foundation

Melvin Hurston
In Memory of Suellen Hurston
The Family of Charles & Dorcas Jones
Mary Jones Merritt Estate
Betty Bradford and Family
Nancy B. Jones
In Memory of Ruth & D.W. Brooks
John B. Morris, III
Nurse Care of North Carolina
In support of the Caregiver Resource Library
at Charles House

Molly & Paul Pratt
Robert Seymour
In Memory of Pearl Seymour
In support of the Family Meeting Room
UNC Healthcare

The Whelan Family
In memory of Dorothy &
  Edward Whelan

In support of the Whelan Family Garden at Charles House       
Sheana & William Funkhouser
Kathleen Leopold
Dennis Whelan
John Whelan

Platinum Members
Homewatch Caregivers
Anthony & Julie Lindsey

Gold Members
Lorren Bryant
In Memory of Beulah Hackney
Allison Lee
Carol Lucas

In Memory of S. Ivy Nogle
Lori Marschall & Martin Key
In Memory of Jim Key
Linnea Smith
Beth Tillman
In Memory of Dr. Clifford Tillman
University Presbyterian Church

Silver Members
Janis & Jesse Basnight, Jr.
Dee Blake
In Memory of Maxine Blake
Lorren Bryant
In Memory of Beulah Hackney
Capital Development Services

Peggy Cohn
In Memory of Sydney Cohn
Howard & Jeanne Harper
Anne & Tom Hastings

In Memory of Billie Smith Owensby 
Michael & Barbara Hill
In Memory of John & Sally Hill
Mary Jenne & Phillip Washbourn
In Memory of Kurt Jenne
Paul Klever & Sally Freeman
Chad Lefteris

In Memory of Mollie Huntley Lefteris
Resnick Family & Friends
In Memory of Ralph Resnick    
Caroline Resnick & Family   
Robert Levers & Peggy Levitt   
Lynn Q de Sherbinin Foundation   
Bruce & Jan McIntosh
Barbara & James Parker
Luke & Wendy Riggsbee
Cindy Skocik
Ina Stern
In Memory of Charles & Mildred Stern
Wilson Family
In honor of Ron Wilson   
Cherie & Ron Wilson
Michele Flattum
John & Margaret Cline
Larry Morris
Sheryl Zimmerman & Philip Sloane
In Memory of Aaron Itkin

Our deepest gratitude to all those who contributed to our
25th Anniversary Campaign and to the future of Charles House


Jean & JimBlaine 
In Honor of Maria Scanga
Phyliss Craig-Taylor
Patty & Gary Hill  
W. Wallace Hill & Patricia A. Watts
Cindy & Jeff Kahler
Norman & Sue Klase
Virginia Lee & Scotty Lee
The Family of Ross Mangiapane
In Memory of Ross Mangiapane
Laura & Steven Thompson
Sandi Mangiapane 
Cynthia DeConto 
David Mangiapane
Margaret Mangiapane & Michael Riley Yvonne & Doug Mendenhall
Morita Rapoza
In Memory of Norbert P. Rapoza
Margaret Rider
Gladys Siegel
In Memory of Earl Siegel
The Family of Zoe Wells
In Memory of Zoe Goforth Wells
Lea Wells & Jordan Scepanski
Carol & Brian Nielsen


Algonquin Books
Leigh Anderson
Richard & Mary Anthony
In Memory of Gary Phillips
Lynda & Dicky Baddour
In Honor of Patty Hill
William Barney
Sibylle & Robert Barlow
In Memory of Charles Jones
Mary & Jim Beck
Sue Bernstein
In Honor of Jill Mayer
Lydia & Thomas Berrong
In Honor of Charles House Staff
Pat Beyle
Ted & Anne Bigelow
Danielle Black
Priscilla & Jay Boomer
In Honor of Charles House Staff
Amanda Borer
Thomas & Betty Bouldin
In Honor of Robert Seymour
Barbara Brister & Jim Mette
Donna Bryant

James & Elizabeth Bryan
Robert Buchanan
Mia Burroughs 
Anne Burns
Mary Cameron
Barbara Carman
J.W. & A.E. Carrol
Denise & Chris Carey
Kathryn Carpenter 
Susan Chesser
Louise Clifford
Eva & Joseph Clontz
Anne & David Cole
Jay & Barbara Cooper
Jim & Roberta Copeland
Ellyn Courts
In Memory of Ben Carter Courts
Julia Cortese & Frederick Heinzel      
Pam Cuff & Tracy Lewis
In Memory of Becky Bradley
Elisabeth Curtis & Betsey Granda
Matt & Jill Czajkowski
Gordon Defries & Carol Hogue
Shirley & Earl DeWispelaere
Bill & Judy Eastman
Norma English
In Memory of R. William English
Shelly Eubanks
Mike & Cathy Fields
Nancy M. Fore
In Memory of Thomas W. Fore
Brad Fox & Janet Oldham
Dean Fox
Cynthia Freund & Ruth Ouimette
Mary Ann & Morris Froelich
In Memory of Jerry Russell
Rhoda Gaba
In memory of Daniel Gaba
Ulla Geratz
In memory of Dieter Geratz
Amy Gorely
Maggi Grace
Nansi Greger-Holt
Karin Griffiths
Carol Gunn
Carol & Nortin Hadler
Brigitte Hamilton
In Memory of Eva Sandring
Kitty Harrison
In Honor of Gary & Patty Hill
Melinda Heilig
In Honor of Bill Hawkinson
Linda & William Heizer
John & Heather Hill
In Honor of Wally Hill
Steve Holdaway
Ann & Barron Housel
In Memory of H.G. "Deac" Reisner

Elizabeth Ironside 
In Memory of Rod & Ellen Ironside
Susanne Jackson
In Memory of Jadwiga Socha
Betty James
In Memory of Chuck James
Frances & Tommy Jenkins
Connie Jones
In Memory of Dr. Darnell Jones
Mary & Alvin Jones
Bonnie Joyner
Cindy & Jeff Kahler
Don & Pat Kennedy
In Memory of Roy Bradford
In Honor of Bettie Bradford
Susanne Key
In Memory of James Key
Ann & Vern King
Angelika Koblenz
Barbara Koch
Ted & Marilyn Koenig
In Honor of Jesse Basnight, Jr.
Elizabeth Koscalka
The Lazarides Family
Lillian Lee
In Honor of Robert Seymour
Mary LeMay
Joel Levy
Julia Lunsford  
Sam Marion
D.G. & Harriet Martin
Nancy & Max Mason 
Bet McClamroch
In Memory of Roland McClamrock
Stacie McEntyre
Pat Merriman & Max Preston
Ruth & Perry Miller
In Memory of Adelle Miller
Susan & James Moeser
Rosalie Morris
In Memory of Ted Morris
Barbara Nettesheim
In Memory of Paul Nettesheim
Ginger Norfleet
In Memory of Edward Norfleet
Gail & Charlie Nottingham
Linda Orr
Monica Pallett
Bettina Patterson
In Honor of Caroline Resnick
Charles & Charlotte Pelon
Rosemary Pierce
Eddie & Marva Price
In Memory of Mrs. Bessie Mizell
& Ms. Christine Brown

Shannon Ravenel Purves

Gary & Janet Ravert
In Memory of Jerry Russell
C. Ahnie Rising
In Honor of Sarbaga Falk
Carol Rist
In Memory of Karsten Rist
Cherie Rosemond
In Honor of Charles House Staff
Kathryn Rose & Chris Lillie 
Barbara & David Rosin
Barbara & Larry Rowen
In Honor of Charles House Staff
Lynette Russell
In Memory of Jerry Russell
Jerry Salak
In Memory of Fran Salak
Maria & Ray Scanga
James Scatliff
Carolyn Schuft
Liane Senter
Emma Sheedy
Gladys Siegel
In Memory of Earl Siegel
John & Carolyn Slavin
Arlene Smart
In Memory of Hedy Smart
Susan Smialowicz
In Memory of Ralph Smialowicz
Linda D. Smith
In Memory of Warren Wheeler
Josie Smith
Meg Smith
Howard Smithers & Ann Woodward
Joyce & Fred Sparling
In Memory of Bethana Hobbs Whitaker
Tammie Stanton
Dianna Whittinghill Steele
In Memory of Maurice Whittinghill
Laura & Harold Strauss
Janice Summers
Louise Toppin
In Honor of Antoinette Toppin
Judith Topper
In Memory of Norman Topper
Charles Underhill
Deborah Wallace
Dottie & Bucky Waters
Jon and Heather Hill
In Honor of Wally Hill
Karol & Allen Wenner
Jeanine Wheless
Anna & William White
Rachel Willis
In Memory of Edward Martin Willis
Ken & Mil Witt
In Memory of Marthe Houanche